Our Story


The moment you set eyes on them, your entire life changed.  The sweet little face.  The soft skin.  The impossibly tiny fingers.  Every square inch of your newborn child filled you with wonder, delight, and joy.  From that second forward, you knew that your entire existence had led up to this moment, and you would do anything – absolutely anything – to make sure this innocent life had everything they would ever need to grow happy, healthy, and safe.

At Pamerpous, we get it.  We’re parents just like you.  We understand the challenges that parenthood can face you with:  Sleepless nights, busy schedules, teething, swaddling, feeding, and the list seems to go on and on.  Parenting can feel completely overwhelming at times, with vast amounts of contradicting information being fed to us at any given moment.  Finding trustworthy, reliable, and well-researched advice, information, and products can seem completely hopeless at times.

Like we said:  We get it.

We established Pamperous in October of 2019 with one goal in mind:  Provide outstanding, comfortable, and sustainable clothing made out of 100% organic cotton that parents can feel good about their child wearing, safe and appropriate educational toys and products that support healthy child development, and reliable information that parents can trust.  Founded in our home state of North Carolina, the Pamperous philosophy came down to our Four Core Values:

Quality – We believe every item that your baby interacts with, from clothing to toys, should be made of the highest quality materials.  Each item is designed, developed, and produced with our extremely high standards of quality at the forefront.

Safety – The safety of your child is a top priority for us.  Pamperous believes that when parents are provided safe and reliable products, they can focus their energy on parenting and not mitigating unsafe items.

Sustainability – We believe that protecting and caring for our children goes beyond safe toys, soft clothes, and cuddles.  At Pamperous, we believe caring for the environmental future we are leaving our children is every bit as important as the bedtime story we read them at night.  We make sustainability and environmental responsibility a priority in every product we offer at Pamperous.

Education – It takes a village when it comes to parenting, and knowledge is power.  We are committed to delivering well-researched, thoughtful, and informative blogs and articles to help guide you through the adventure of parenthood.

Parenting is not for the weak of heart, but you’re up to the challenge – and Pamperous will be there for you every inch of the way with the products, advice, and support that you need to help your sweet little angel grow into the phenomenal human they are destined to be.

Welcome to Pamperous:  Your partner in parenting!